Friday, March 4, 2011

7 quick takes Friday, #5

1.  You may have noticed the new playlist. Someone from an airplane may have spotted it too. But I like it. I've included some of my favorite music. It is not meant to make any particular statement, except to showcase what I like, and share it with you, and hope you like it too. As you will see, my taste is rather eclectic. You can listen to whatever selection you like by clicking on it, and skip over ones you don't. I will add to it over time. You can also just click pause to hush it up.

2. Here are a few of the books I am hoping to read over Lent:
The Bible (no not the whole thing)

The Faith of the Early Fathers, William Jurgens

Slouching Towards Gomorrah, Robert Bork

He Leadeth Me, Walter Ciczek

Journey to Easter-Pope Benedict

Finding God's Will for you-Francis De Sales. (also re-read Introduction to the Devout Life)

Something by Ranerio Cantalamessa, preacher to the Papal household, and who I had the blessing of hearing speak live several years ago.

Characters of the Passion-Fulton Sheen

Imitation of Christ-Thomas a Kempis

Confessions--St. Augustine ( I slog my way through this periodically, I find it hard going)

anybody have any suggestions? It doesn't have to be strictly religious...

3.  For those who may not be a facebook "friend" here is my testimony from the March for Life. I will refrain from self commenting, except to say, that was the day I felt myself getting  sick, and today, I am still fighting to get completely better. sheesh.  Remember to pause the exquisite music before watching.

4. Today I went to #7 of my First Fridays. I pray I will be able to attend nine with no interruption, and maybe break that pattern of mine that is the Anti-Novena. Another one starts today, the Novena of Grace, that I mentioned in my previous post. That one is every single day for nine days...

5. By the way, Dear Readers, do you see the hyperlinks I post? Are they a different color text before you hover over them? Or do you only stumble on them? Bob, at his computer at work, can't see them.  I have to tell him to look for them, but they still work. 

6. _Here_was supposed to be a little group of pictures that I  took of some religious art in our house. My camera declined, after taking the pictures , to turn on again. So--look for it in the near, (I hope) future!  Besides this little snafu, I found Malaika's project she needed to turn in to school today. With that, and something Rachael also forgot, I now have to go make the rounds of the kids schools.  And then to my friend, the Acme. My, how the term "friend" has evolved. Between a large building full of groceries and an entity floating around in the air, mysteriously controlled by my keyboard....

7. My Friday prayer:

Lord, thank you for helping me make it to mass this morning. Please help me be able to function past 4:00 this afternoon.



  1. I will make a prediction. Once you have reached 9 Consecutive Fridays, you'll decide it wasn't so hard after all and going to First Friday Mass will become the norm for you rather than a difficult feat, with God's help of course. I will never forget when Sister Mary Paula told me that since she was a little girl, she has never missed a First Friday Mass. That's when I decided to stop counting and do my best to get there. Good work!

  2. That's what I am hoping for!

  3. Your play list is great. Roderigo y Gabriela sound great. I'd never heard of them. I'll have to look them up. For some reason I either never heard of or have forgotten that Steely Dan song. I remember one particular night at a bar many years ago I flooded the juke box with Steely Dan songs. Drove my friends My fav Steely Dan songs are Deacon Blues and Here at the Western World. They seem to click for me when they sing melancholy songs.

    I don't see the hyperlinks.

    Thanks for the video clip. I'm probably the only person in the world who is not on Facebook. God bless you for telling your story.

  4. Deacon Blues is one of my all time favorite songs. Despite the unseemly lyrics :) The sax solo ( I play sax) is so ingrained I can sing it. Yummy.
    There are no links in this post--did you see them in the previous one? Maybe I will change the color.
    So I'm glad I posted the video! I will be the 2nd person in the world as of Wednesday.

  5. I like your playlist too, and also a fan of Steely Dan but so many favorites it would be hard to pick one.

  6. Too true, Kathy, too true. :)

  7. I just had to pull up my ipod and play Deacon Blues. I did not remember the lyric you were referring to. Yes, that is a bit naughty. I do tghink that's one of the all time great songs. As I look through my Steely Dan, I'm not sure there is anything that comes close.

    That is a great sax. If you like that sax and you play sax, I bet you like Stan Getz.

    I got links here. I may have had them yesterday too. My mind was not thinking correctly.

  8. I like many other Steely Dan songs, but the playlist I have adopted only has a limited selection.
    Pete Christlieb, Tom Scott, Wayne Shorter, all played on Aja. I actually played classical sax, but their playing inspired me to branch out. I also like David Sanborn somewhat. I actually do not like listening to tons of sax music. I prefer guitar and flute. I do play both of those, but only ever got somewhat accomplished on sax and bassoon. And I sing, when my health allows! lol which is not right now.
    Fun talking music!

  9. I had forgotten to come back to this and your play list jumped my memory. I do like David Sanborn too. I can talk music, but I cannot play anything at all.

    Funny story I just remembered and will share. When I was around ten years old, my mother took me for music lessons and I selected the sax as the instrument. After one lesson, the music teacher told my mother to save her money and find a different outlet for me...LOL!

  10. Did you take down your playlist? I can't find it anywhere. BTW, my email address is bajamanna [at] gmail [dot] com - I'm not sure if you're otherwise getting any indications of how to respond to my question.