Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fun on a Friday night and a Homey Sunday

Some people go out on Friday nights.  And then, some of us do laundry. And while we're at it, we notice a gas smell in or around our dryer, and call the gas emergency line. And the fellows who work for the gas company on Friday nights, come out and fix the leak. But then, find another spot in our basement, along the front wall, that detects another gas leak.

And then, they call their friends, who also work on Friday nights, and they all come, with trucks and flashing lights, and noisy appliances, to block all the traffic on our street (we live on a bus route) except the smaller cars, the brave, the stubborn, or some combination of those.

Next, they go door to door, until lots of neighbors are in the street, looking at the general hullabaloo parked in front of our house. They break out the jackhammers, let everyone know they will be there for as many hours as it may take, inform us nicely that they will be in and out of our basement.  And a regular party ensues. If you like that kind of thing. Which Malaika does, immensely, and sits on the porch (she took the pictures) until around 11:00, when I tell her to come in for bed.

Bob, who also works on Friday nights, (it has more to do with ballet dancers than jackhammers), came home and had a nice conversation with the men. The problem ends up lying with some work the city had done, I guess before we moved here, that left space around some water and gas pipes, and now threaten to sink in, taking whatever car is parked there (you can bet not ours!) with it. So now we have to call the city on Monday, and see what kind of fun and merriment THEY will bring out. All the while, the neighbors will be giving US the stink eye.

So for everybody else who spend their Friday nights like this, and I'm sure there is a multitude, I guess we should just stock up on popcorn, fabric softener, and settle in.

They came back out bright and early the next morning, much to the delight of Adam, Melissa's boyfriend, who was laying on the couch dreaming of World War Three. Here's what they left for posterity.

Today, we went to 7AM mass, (again, we have a favorite priest whose homilies make it worth getting up at 5:30) and then came home and I made this--

After consuming that (quiche; ham, mushroom, asparagus, in case there is a question) and having gotten up a wee bit earlier than I am used to, I am definitely thinking nap. Plus it's a rainy day. Bob is practicing Rhapsody in Blue--has been for some months now, he has gotten quite good. I can sleep to that, no problem. I hope he will You Tube it, and we can share it with you.

Lastly, here are a few of our religious pieces around the house.

Who says you can't mix and match spiritualities?

 I've had this since way back in my Protestant days, and I still love it.

 Bob gave me this on Christmas 2005, the day after he proposed to me.
I like a lot of this artists work.
William-Adolphe Bouguereau

Malaika gave me the angel for Christmas. It says Ave Maria on the scroll.
              This is carved out of stone, I think it was meant to go outside, but, oh well.

                       Wishing everyone an enjoyable Sunday!  Jackhammer free.



  1. I love Bouguerau's work also. Here's hoping you have a better Sunday than Friday :-D

  2. I should mention that I am not complaining about Friday night! I am aware of the grace of God at work in the situation. I just can't help but notice the sitcom elements my life tends to have. :)

  3. Hope you had a great nap! Mine only lasted 15 minutes!

    And I love the Bouguerau - I am unfamiliar with him for now, but I don't think that will last long.

  4. All very lovely religious items. I really love the carved stone. Ever since I've got Matthew I've been looking for Holy Family things, since we three in my family have the same make up.

    That gas work sounds like a horror. Things like that drive me crazy. Actually I'm going crazy with this rain. We're getting a ton and it's coming into the front bedroom through a corner of the window frame. I'm also praying that the basement doesn't get flooded. My house is falling apart.

  5. You have my sympathies about your house. We still rent, and at our age, will/would still be first time home buyers if/when we take the plunge. It semi terrifies me.
    MC-I had such a hard time choosing which one I wanted for the living room!

  6. Oh I really enjoyed this post - I just had a tooth pulled and the next day maintenance was in and out of here to mess around with our hot water heater I was like ohhhhhh come on! I just finally had a quiet couple of days and I was so grateful for it and I know you will be the next time it is quiet!

    I really enjoyed the pics of quiche and art in your home thank you for posting those :)

  7. Thanks, Helen! and welcome :) I am waiting on Phase Two of the whole Workmen-palooza. :/ I'll be sure to let everybody know how it goes.

  8. HI...jumped over the *The Little Way*. I am also from Philadelphia. Our family is a bit unconventional itself. Hope you will visit sometime and I will be back : )