Tuesday, March 29, 2011

a sunny morning

It is a nice morning in my house. Quiet, and a sunny day for a change! I have at least sixteen things on my To Do list on any given day, but the morning light always captivates me, so I stopped to take a few photos.

If I could paint, I would do things like this. I like how the light and shadow make for kind of a joyful stillness.

 Malaika left these on the ledge outside and forgot about them. They came back to life nicely with a little trim and some water.


These pictures of Malaika and Ben were taken about two years ago. I really am blessed with good kids.

Here is my grandson before he got to be all grown up. (He is three now. I am attempting to get out to Michigan to visit them, but the airfares! yow~)

Colors just look better in the cool light. Fresher, somehow.  The afternoon has a warmer tone.

I am excited to plant something in the planter out front. I am waiting for the nights to quit getting so cold! The hyacinths out back are still plugging along, they are in a pretty sheltered spot. I even thought I smelled them a little earlier when I was out there! I can see that one is purple. So exciting! I am easily amused. I make the whole family go and look whenever anything blooms out there. I also see the mint popping back up. We can have mint tea this summer...if I were a little more adventurous, I would try mojitos.They are too expensive to buy. I guess I could watch a you tube video to see how to make one...you know you can find a you tube for just about anything, right? Bob fixed our garbage disposal that way. I also saw one for how to get Sarah Palin's hairdo.

Well, I know this was a tad rambly. But I find these kinds of moments are gifts from God, that help still and settle me, and remind me of all the good in my life, and I can give Him thanks.


  1. What I wouldn't do to be at home on a sunny weekday morning. I will have to enjoy vicariously through you and Theresa for now. Your grandson is quite a cutie :)

  2. I know that feeling well! When I worked days, I would longingly look at the house before I left...I am a real homebody. All I need are fifteen cats to complete the picture! lol jk!