Monday, March 7, 2011

picture album and prayer request-update

Here is my grandson, today. He has croup. Prayers would be appreciated, both for him AND his parents!                                                   

Here he is when he was feeling better and they were still buried in snow in MI.


      - and in his three year old head shot

      Now you know why I am in love.

 And here is what the rest of us are doing. You probably know what I am doing.


Ben and Malaika got their new glasses today.

and Bob did his usual Rhapsody-in-Blue-ing for the evening.

And THEN, kids,  just when you thought we were going to have a relatively run of the mill evening--

Bob came over to me and explained that suddenly we were missing a piece of the basket for the coffee maker. After casually looking around, we started having visions of a Coffee-less Tuesday Morning. Then it got serious.

When nothing turned up, we shifted our sights to survival mode. Here's what we came up with.

Remember, there's a little button on a spring that has to push against the opening, or the coffee won't drip-so leaving the piece off wasn't an option. We have a whole bunch, so if it's a one use solution, we're covered for at least two or three weeks.
Crisis averted!

On a slightly more serious note, I had my monthly spiritual direction today, and I am feeling hopeful  about a lot of the challenges we're facing as a family, and things we are concerned about. Looking forward to Lent in earnest now, and the Graces it may afford.

One thing Fr. McG. told me about today was that St. John Vianney had a gold heart fashioned, to represent the heart of the Blessed mother. It was made to open, sort of like a hinged box, and inside the heart of the Blessed Mother, he placed the names of his parishioners, entrusting them to her Immaculate Heart.

Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us!


today he appears to be feeling better!


  1. No wonder he is such a holy priest, with no less than St. John Vianney as an example.

    Poor little guy with the croup! Matthew used to have attacks all the time. In fact, the day we brought Rebecca home from the hospital, I spent that night steaming him in the bathroom. It worked wonders for him during the many times he had an episode.

    Love the glasses on Malaika and Ben :-) Sweet kids, like their mom.

  2. Oh no, a day without coffee is definitely a Glad you or Bob fixed it.

    Prayers sent for the grandson.

  3. Sending prayers for your grandson. A beautiful child. Also, best wishes for the coffee maker. I understand.

  4. I will pray for your beautiful grandson.

  5. Sitting with my coffee as I read this, all is well. And thank you so much for the prayers. I spoke with my daughter and tried to talk to me, but he was just so miserable. :(