Sunday, March 27, 2011

let's see how many things I can jump into this Lent

Well, I have to paint any pictures on this post mostly with words. I forgot to take my camera with me for the past several days. Well okay, I might upload a few web pictures, just for oomph. cause I don't have any! Oomph, that is. I have been going non-stop all week and am ready. to. stop.

 Here is my next un-thought out project.
Yes, folks. Kelly is dragging out the old bassoon. It all started with volunteering to sing in a group doing the Mozart Requiem. Then while at rehearsal, I heard the leader mention the orchestra that he will have come in for the performance, which led me to think that playing this piece would be a sight easier than singing it. So I sidled up to him after and asked if he would rather have a bassoon player than just one more alto. To which he got pretty excited and made a phone call.

Now I am~
1. still singing in the original performance cause that one doesn't have an orchestra.

and 2. playing for another one in East Japip-ville, that I wasn't previously going to, AND , yes, still getting up to sing whenever I am not playing.  So hah, the joke's on me!

And really after all those words up there that seem like complaining, I am pretty happy. Cause, unlike my foray into flute playing, I actually was half decent on bassoon once, and have some reserves to call upon. But I am still scrounging around to get a good reed or two.

Here are the keys that are for the left thumb alone. There are ten. For one thumb.

Bassoon is one crazy instrument. After I get my fingers all limbered up, I will challenge any takers to a thumb wrestling match. Left Thumb Wrestling. The right thumb only has four or so keys.

Mozart for bassoon isn't really all that hard. Word on the street is that Mozart liked writing for the bassoon. I played his bassoon concerto for my recital at college. It was o-kay, not my favorite, but kind of a standard, have- to- get- it- in- your- repertoire kind of thing. I definitely think he was not as fond of altos.

Now I have to go and sit somewhere with my feet up and do nothing more taxing than a crossword,  or stare or something.

Wishing all a lovely Sunday evening, and a not too bad Monday.


  1. And where might one catch this performance? What other instruments do you play?

  2. I may be confusing this with another instrument, but I sort of remember reading that Mozart was good friends with the leading basoon virtuoso of his day and wrote some chamber music for him. I may be confusing that with the oboe.

    How many instruments do you play?

  3. I only know of the one bassoon concerto. But the orchestral parts are always nice, and there are smaller solos throughout. Maybe it was clarinet?

    The two performances are 1. in Hellertown, Pa, up in Lehigh County, near Bethlehem. That is the one with the orchestra. April 10.
    2. at Bensalem Presbyterian. Bensalem is my hometown. April 17. 3PM.

    I played the guitar young, like 8, and am self taught.
    At nine, I started alto sax, and got into the classical vein, but by college time, discovered there was not much of a niche for that, and having to compete with roughly 32,095,723,7592 jazz players to get into college, I started bassoon in high school, and auditioned for colleges. Though I hadn't played very long, I had a good teacher, and my background on sax helped, and there was WAY less competition (my plan exactly!) so I got into college as a bassoon major.
    Somewhere along the line in high school. I picked up flute and my first job ever was playing sax, flute and bassoon for a little firehouse dinner theater in Bensalem.
    I can make sounds on an oboe, and even played for one orchestral piece during my years at my second college in Michigan. If bassoon is hard, oboe is riDIC! I respect oboe players. sheesh.
    I also played latin percussion during my years as a nightclub singer. Sorry, MC, I couldn't find my band headshot. Thought I had it around...
    Yeah so that's pretty much it. I am happy to have the opportunity to play again. Thanks to a certain friend (the leader of the Mozart thing) I now have a flute and sax again. My bassoon is from my school days, and it is CRAPPY, but I wrestle it into submission. lol. I try, anyways.
    I know this is lengthy, but for me, it is turning into a fun season. :)

  4. Well, I'm sure you're better than "crappy," LOL. I guess those are all woodwinds, aren't they? You know, my nephew just got his doctorate in trumpet from University of Michigan. I think he completed his studies and whatever performance he was required to do last semester. He's now teaching at some college in Mississippi and plays in an orchestra down there too.