Wednesday, March 9, 2011

a little catch up

Good Morning! Welcome to Lent! But allow me to back up just a bit to yesterday and show you.............

Adventures    with      Fastnachts!

scalding the milk and boiling a few potatoes.


                  the first rising

 I don't usually use rapid rise yeast, but the recipe called for it,and lo and behold, it worked well!

 here they are cut out and getting ready to do the second rise. The recipe says 45 minutes to an hour. Trouble is , I now have to take Rachael to a doc appt., annnnd, not the kind of doc's office one gets in and out of quickly.

 so it's all very risky...argh.

But off we went. It took us about 1 1/2 hours--and I got right to work.

 I think I was talking to them at this point.

 I have never in my life fried anything in 3 pounds of shortening. I guess if there is day to do it, this is it.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   the irony of this was not lost on us. I just need to load the C and zinc. Really!

many batches later

some had cinnamon and sugar, some powdered sugar, and some cocoa, cinnamon and sugar.

~many of the photos are courtesy of Malaika~

and so that brings us to............(duh- duh- DUUUUH!)  ;)

Ash Wednesday and Lent.
 Wishing all a very peaceful, Holy Lent. I would love to hear from you, how you hope to spend this time. God's grace is very near during this season, or so I have experienced. It can be a time of great closeness to Him. I pray the same for you. Today, I hope to begin a few of my practices and projects. I'll let you know how it all goes.

Blessings and Peace!


  1. Whoa! Those came out great! They look good, really good,, maybe I should stop staring at them, this being Ash Wednesday and all...

  2. Julie, you're right! wrote this post this morning, before the rumbly stomach had a chance to set in. Quite insensitive of me!

  3. Also, Julie--Do you still live in K'zoo? We will have to do the whole-- "do you know so and so"? thing :)

  4. Wow, I wasn't hungry until now. THANKS FRIEND. lol

  5. I KNOW! Well, I have done you all a favor and added to your penance! :)

  6. Kelly,
    I grew up on a farm west of Kalamazoo near Plainwell. My family(all farmers and John Deere dealers) still live there. We moved to the Maryland/Penn border when my husband, an astronomer, got a job working with the Space telescope 25 years ago.
    I go back home every year to visit the folks and brush up on my Midwestern twang. I love how Kalamazoo is being renovated--keeping all the old buildings going like the State Theatre. There's so many good restaurants(Food Dance!), and the Kalamazoo museum is really neat.
    Last time I was there I noted with surprise all the hipsters walking around. It was like being in Portland or Brooklyn.

  7. They look great! A friend at work brought in fastnachts into work, but wouldn't you know it I had to call in sick. I missed out. Oh well, I just hope the fever goes away.

  8. Oh my goodness. I am salivating.

    I just made the mistake of going grocery shopping. I totally forgot that I was fasting, so I bought the makings of a nice dinner of a pork chop, sweet potato and apple sauce. When I got home I remembered!

    Tomorrow I will have that.

    Tonight, I will have a small bowl of puffed wheat.

    I wish I had some of those treat s of yours!

  9. Mary Christine--Puffed wheat! You are a stronger soul than I. We had a pretty regular dinner, just no meat. The house still smells like the fish cakes. They tasted better than the left over smell.

    Julie--wow. I went to college at Olivet. My eldest daughter lives in Kalamazoo, her father and family are from there.I try to get out there every spring, and help her ready and plant her gardens, but the airfares keep going up! I'm not sure how I will do it this year. I do love it out there.
    And then you got my attention when you said Penn/Maryland border. Anywhere near Southern Chester County? I lived there, too. Weird!
    Manny--I sure hope you are feeling better!! And you still had the ricotta pie your mom made( I don't remember what she calls it)--we wait till Easter for that! ah!! All this food talk!

  10. She called it carnival cake. Thank you kindly. At least my temp is under 100 right now.