Monday, March 14, 2011

a longshot

I will not be able to put up a good thoughtful post tonight. I am too tired, for one, and also I have decided that this Saturday, I will play a flute solo for the prolife mass. Mind you, I haven't played flute for oh, about TWENTY FIVE YEARS, but hey, it makes perfect sense, huh? We'll be doing the Bach/Gounod Ave Maria.

Besides a few James Galway tutorials on You Tube, and as much practice as I can squeeze in, I mainly need your prayers! 

I know I am a fool. Hopefully it will be a triumph for God, and not a cringing disaster. With all that is occurring in the world, it is the smallest potatoes one could dig up, but I actually am hoping to bless the good folks that come out on a very early Saturday morning. But, yeah, I'll need those prayers.


  1. You want prayers, you got 'em Sister! You'll do fine!

  2. I love James Galway. And I will say a prayer for you!

  3. Thank you all! And yes, Sir James is the bomb!