Friday, March 18, 2011

Lenten Friday, #2

A Blessed Lenten Friday!

Today I am going to tackle some housecleaning. As I still am practicing for tomorrow mornings flute-a-palooza, and also today is my daughter Corrie's birthday, AND just for extra fun, the skin around my eyes decided to get puffy, red and dry (this happened once before) so that not only am I a bit stressed out inside, now I also look like it. Or like I got in a fight. I guess I kind of am in a fight. After all it's Lent and those roots that live in me don't die without a fight.

So, wishing you all a holy and productive Lenten season. Mine must be going well, cause the attack is on! Hang tough, all, Easter is coming!


  1. Nice pictures. Happy birthday to Corrie. :)

  2. Hope all went stress-free for you today. Was thinking of you and your flute at Mass this morning. I know it went well, because whatever good thing we do for God with our best effort cannot "fail". Happy St. Joseph's feast day!

  3. Thank you all! Yes she is a beautiful girl, whoops, woman, now she's 21 :)
    Thanks Joyce! I agree. I just prayed for the grace to reflect the best of my meager ability.